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Open femur fracture Pelvis fractures Tibia and fibula fractures
Traumatic head and brain injury
Closed head injury and brain damage Subdural hematoma MRI Skull fractures
Skin layers and burns Burn treatment Burn Wound Debridement and Skin Grafting
Multiple organ injuries
Ruptured diaphragm injuries Lung injury and disease Eye injury and surgery
Spinal injuries
Severed cervical spine Herniated disc and torn annulus fibrosus repair Lumbar surgery at L5/S1
Shoulder, knee and foot injuries
Rotator cuff injury and surgery Knee joint injuries and surgery Ankle injury and surgery

Herniated disc and torn annulus fibrosus repair

L3/4 disc herniated through torn annulus fibrosus. Laminectomy and discectomy: After herniated portion of disc is removed, mesh device is introduced through tear in the annulus fibrosus and expanded to seal inside wall.

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