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Plein Air Oil Painting Sketches

I painted these quick plein air studies, 15 minutes each, during a wonderful workshop taught by Rusty Jones at the AMI convention in Austin on July 22. 

Aboriginal Art - Brain.jpg

Aboriginal Dream Art

I saw a beautiful exhibition of Aboriginal dream art at Nashville’s Frist Center for the Arts. Later that day, I ran across the article in Scientific American about visualizing the human brain in beautiful images by Greg Dunn. The patterns of lines and dots are similar, one a human interpretation of nature, the other enhanced images of the brain. This is what I love about science and art. Combined, it’s all about visualizing our outer and inner worlds and making us see it differently with new understanding.


Post-Partum Exercises Illustrated

My name appears as “Illustrator”, next to the author’s name, on the Amazon listing of Christine Iverson’s book, Healthy and Quick & Everything Fit – A Step-by-Step Guide to Exercise After Pregnancy. It’s a great gift for new mothers, expert information in a very accessible format. Also check out Dr. Iverson’s website