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Our medical illustrations provide powerful tools for many areas of your practice: settlement packages, mediation, depositions and trials.

Creating effective medical illustrations starts with finding out what you need. The process involves collaborating with you and drawing on our understanding to create medical illustrations that give you one more tool to help you win your case.

The Process

  • Gather medical facts

The first step in visualizing medical findings and communicating them through an illustration begins with a clear understanding of the details of your case. We ask about causes, basic injuries, surgeries and consequences of your client’s situation and have you send us pertinent medical records, photos and radiographs.

  • Determine strategy

We discuss the strategy to best communicate the point of view you wish to present. 

  • Visually interpret complex medical information

Based on our review of the medical records, we develop a proposal that includes cost estimates along with a list of recommended exhibit drawings that will convey your message convincingly. We work with you to ensure that the medical drawings fit within your budget.

  • Develop medical illustrations and exhibits

Next, preliminary drawings are created and submitted to you and your experts for input and to assure accuracy. 

This is the stage for creative problem solving on more complex cases. If, after consultation with you and/or your expert, it is determined that additional medical illustrations would be useful, you will receive a quote for these drawings before we proceed. 

Upon final approval, your drawings are completed and produced as exhibits in the format of your choice. 

Medical illustration formats:

  • Large exhibits (typically 30" x 40") on Gator board
  • Smaller exhibits (12" x 16") on Fome-Cor for affordable mediation
  • Letter sized (8.5" x 11") color prints for settlement packages
  • Electronic delivery for projection in PowerPoint or other legal presentation software
  • Custom 3D models
  • Interactive and animation emailed as electronic files or on a CD.  
  • Delivery and follow-up consultation

The exhibits are delivered to you physically or electronically. At any time while you are preparing your case, we will be happy to review the particulars of each drawing and the medical details at no additional charge. 

"With all the other accident reconstruction and bio-engineering exhibits, the jury just couldn't take their eyes off of that one image of her broken neck."
- Sid Gilreath, Esq.

The Medical Illustration Studio Advantages

You have many choices when considering a medical illustrator. So how do you pick? We believe the three most important advantages we offer are:

Quality medical illustrations that communicate

It's not our state-of-the-art equipment that makes our medical illustrations outstanding. It is experience, passion and problem-solving skills acquired over 30+ years and thousands of illustrations. We're not just hired hands. We create realistic and conceptual medical illustrations that demonstrate anatomical relationships, surgical procedures, mechanisms of injury and biological processes. 

Experience in strategic thinking

We go beyond merely providing medical illustration exhibits and anatomical drawings. Through our process we come to fully understand your needs. This enables us to create strategically effective illustrations and exhibits that complement and clarify your experts' testimony. The resulting medical illustrations will dramatically demonstrate your points and persuade a jury.

Trust, reliability and stability

Delilah Cohn, MFA, CMI, FAMI, Principal of The Medical Illustration Studio, is an award-winning, board-certified medical illustrator and your exclusive contact. She is invested in your success and will do whatever it takes to get you the medical illustrations that best suit your purposes.

Working with The Medical Illustration Studio you can receive:

  • Free proposals, including up to three hours of consultation and review of medical records
  • Medical illustrations
  • Colorized, detail-enhanced radiographs
  • Timelines
  • Animation, interactive exhibits and 3D models created in close partnership with allied professionals.

Generic and stock images are available if your needs are not custom. We can also modify any existing illustration to make it specific to your client. Depending on the degree of modification, your savings can be significant when compared to newly developed illustrations.

The Medical Illustration Studio offers the highest level of quality medical illustrations combined with years of consulting experience and a sincere desire to exceed your expectations. Call today at 615.298.1423 or email

It's All About RESULTS

  • Clean, clear, uncluttered exhibits make your point easily and quickly
  • Focused images draw you in, help to visualize injuries, surgery
  • Sensitive medical subjects treated with accuracy and dignity, so a jury empathizes with your client, rather than turning away