Medical Legal / Gallery

  • Our expert said that these are the best medical illustrations he has ever seen.
    — Ross M. Esq
  • Remember this nice drawing you did for us? $15 million verdict recently after five-week trial.
    — Randy K. Esq
  • Thank you so much for the quick hard and excellent work. Dr. Schwartz loved the illustrations!
    — Phil E. Esq
  • These illustrations are superb!!! Describes his injuries very well. Thanks for your excellent work.
    — Rick M. MD
  • Delilah is the best. Her work makes an otherwise boring x-ray ‘come to life’ for a jury. Great Results, Good Value, On Time.
    — Larry H. Esq
  • With all the other accident reconstruction and bio-engineering exhibits, the jury just couldn't take their eyes off of that one image of her broken neck.
    — Sid Gilreath, Esq.
  • When you want the best, you go to the best. Thought I would let you know that the trial was quite a success. Your work was a tremendous asset.
    — Chip H. Esq
  • Delilah is a true professional with outstanding talent. I am amazed at the clarity of her medical illustrations. I don't know why any attorney would go into trial or mediation without one of Delilah's illustrations to support his case.
    — Kathy F. CLNC


Interact with this exhibit yourself. Instead of hitting the play icon, slide your mouse along the play strip until the torso is upright. Now move the slider to rotate the body. You will see a trocar, inserted above the belly button, pass straight through the abdomen and through the aorta in red.

This interactive exhibit has a 3D torso of a woman that was created from her CT scans, making it an accurate representation of her internal anatomy. The exhibit was created for a medical malpractice case against a surgeon, who was about to remove a her ovaries laparoscopically. One version showed the correct placement of the trocar just through the abdominal wall, and angled to one side towards the ovaries. Here, it is shown inserted with such force that it went through the transverse colon and through the aorta only to be stopped by the vertebral column. 


It's All About RESULTS

  • Clean, clear, uncluttered exhibits make your point easily and quickly
  • Focused images draw you in, help to visualize injuries, surgery
  • Sensitive medical subjects treated with accuracy and dignity, so a jury empathizes with your client, rather than turning away